Sudden Romance

„Are you sure??“ She looked at him, after he had asked me to take a picture of the two of them „with the tower behind please“.

No question! „Of course!“ I interfered in their conversation, „You can’t get a more romantic view right now!“ I took his phone, „That light! Could you move a little…yes…and now look at each other…so tacky!“ – We giggled, I took picture after picture on his iPhone and then asked to take a picture of them with my camera too.

What a setting! „These could be your engagement photos!“ I fancied.

„Yes! But… We met yesterday“ he said.

Well, ok, a romantic photo doesn’t mean you will engage soon, but at least, it’s a good beginning.



Behind the scenes



Some polite questions to the tower guard („Could I move the information panels eventually?“), on the floor, in the dust, some help – and curtains up for a bloomy view on Berlin!

Next time I’ll wear some older clothes…